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it made my heart beat

Happiness hurts.
It makes one sensitive and sad.


    Let us know each other by this
    dance, barefoot, over bits of glass.
    Let our arms
    discover what’s in the air
    around us, how much resistance,
    what passages, our fingertips alive
    to high frequencies, doubts, jazz.
    Let’s move
    to the jugular pulse of our lives,
    shake our asses
    to the sound of petty crime,
    a cash register opening,
    a libido humming
    in a nearby room.
    And when we return to our chairs,
    the dance floor
    arid with our absence,
    let’s invent the brawl
    that starts at the bartwo men, say,
    who need the exercise,
    let’s conjure the bloodbeat,
    the contagion of violence,
    and slip out into the street
    with such things behind us,
    having done and survived them.
    Let’s then (for a moment, 
    in our minds) take the Thruway upstate
    and arrive at a place
    where good days slide so easily
    into the bad they deprive us
    of grand gestures.
    Let there be trees. Vacancies
    for belief. The sky, perhaps,
    as it once was.

    Stephen Dunn, from A Circus of Needs

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